Water content of gases

The gas sampling unit of AQUA 40.00 allows selective determination of water content in gases, natural gases, industrial gases, biogases and other pressurized gases.

The titrator is especially user-friendly because of its high mobility at gas sampling points. The Gas sampling Module is mounted on the basic module and can be used for determination of water content down to 1 ppm.

The measuring gas is purged through gas sampling lines in order to avoid water condensation. Unwanted sulfurous compounds can be removed with a trap.

Moreover, the Gas sampling Module allows precise and reproducible dosing of gas volumes into the measuring cell directly. The module can be connected to the sample with a pressure of maximum 250 bar to the gas sampling point or gas cylinder directly.

The software including the formula creator adapted specially can be used to calculate the result in μg/Nm³. Ambient air pressure, gas temperature and dosed gas volume are included.



  • Natural gases
  • Industrial gases
  • Biogases
  • Pressurized gases