Water content of oil samples

Gas extraction – the ideal method to handle oils, solid and pasty substances. Different types of heating modules can be combined with the basic module of AQUA 40.00.

Using an appropriate syringe, oil samples are injected through the septum into the heating oven. It is possible to apply sample volumes ranging up to 20 ml.

The high sensitivity of the AQUA 40.00 system allows precise detection of water down to 1 ppm range. After analysis, the used oil sample flows off through the valve.

With closed-loop carrier gas circulation, any additional gas drying is no longer necessary: the carrier gas is continually titrated to dryness within the closed loop. The total dryness of the gas enhances the water desorption from the sample.

Moreover, sensitive samples can be heated out very gently. Water liberation becomes possible even at ambient temperature. All these advantages result in reducing reagent consumption considerably.

Heating with temperature program reveals in which way the water in question is bonded to the sample substance. You can distinguish between chemically bonded water of crystallization, adsorbed surface water, or water formed by other chemical reactions.

Applications of Oil Module

  • Biological oils
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Engine oils
  • Gear oils
  • Silica oils
  • Lubricating oils
  • Transformer oils
  • Biopetroleum


Standard Conformity

The AQUA 40.00 with Oil Module for water determination is conform to standards:

  • DIN 51777
  • ASTM D 4928
  • ASTM D 6304
  • ASTM E 1064
  • IP 386
  • ISO 10337
  • DIN EN ISO 12937
  • UOP 481
  • ASTM D 1492