PETRODIST 100 S is a crude oil distillation system for semi-automatic operation exactly according to ASTM D-2892 (TBP).

The system is designed for automatic operation within each of the following distillation runs:

  • Debutanization
  • 1. run at athmospheric pressure
  • 2. run at vacuum 100 Torr
  • 3. run at vacuum 10 Torr
  • 4. run at vacuum 2 Torr

After each run, the system stops automatically and the flask temperature has to be cooled down prior to the next distillation run. The operator has to enter the parameters for the next run to restart operation. The system contains a vacuum tight automatic fraction collector with 9 receivers for each run, which have to be replaced after each distillation run. The receiver change is performed according to pre-selected boiling temperature or when a receiver is filled up.