InterActive S.A. was established in 1990 and is an expert in laboratory equipment for quality assurance industries as well as analytical laboratories (biology, geology, chemistry, physics and materials), universities, technological institutes and research facilities.

Our vision is to become your first point of contact every time you seek advice on equipment for your laboratory or any other facility. We are confident that our staff will provide you with the best advice and technical support for laboratory equipment based on your individual needs.

Our success and significant growth would ne impossible without your continuous support which inspires us to continue to improve by keeping our staff up to date with all the latest developments in laboratory equipment.

We always make sure to provide you with the latest and most updated model of the equipment that you require and present it on site without any further commitment from your part. All our products are from trustworthy and well established industrial companies that hold a leading position in their field.

Their exceptional quality combined with unique after sales support make sure that our clients will get the best out of the equipment of their choice for many years to come.