INVENIO R represents the entry level of Bruker’s R&D FTIR spectrometers.

INVENIO, as the name implies, will accompany the users to “invent” and “discover” in demanding analytical and R&D application fields.

The innovative technology, intelligent and elegant design set standards for the next generation of FTIR spectrometers.

The new optical beam path provides excellent SNR (signalto-noise ratio), broad spectral range covering FIR to UV/VIS and highest flexibility for sophisticated experimental set-ups.

The optional integrated touch panel enables easy work flow and comfortable operation.

The unique and pioneering MultiTect™ detector technology supports up to 5 fully automated room temperature detectors.

Together with the further available DigiTect™ detector position and the Transit™ channel for quick MIR measurements, INVENIO can be equipped with 7 automated internal detectors to make your daily work more enjoyable.