The two most recognized applications of the SB+2 are the Scanning Brookfield Technique (ASTM D5133 & D7110) and the Brookfield Viscosity Test (ASTM D2983).  The use of the patented SimAir Test Cell allows the SB+2 to be held at a constant temperature during the 16-hour soak period of the Brookfield D2983 test. This provides greater versatility, increased sample through-put and improved precision over air baths and programmable liquid baths.

The versatility of the SB+2 bath stems from its broad cooling range, both manual and automatic temperature control, the incorporation of a viewing window and five easily replaceable bath covers (Insert Modules). The bath now serves as a cooling source for seven different low-temperature test methods — making it a cost effective instrument for demanding lab schedules.


Test Methods

ASTM D5133 &  D7110 | Viscosity-Temperature Scanning Technique
ASTM D2983 | Brookfield Viscosity Test
ASTM D4684 | MRV-TP1
ASTM D445 | Kinematic Viscosity
ASTM D97 | Pour Point
ASTM D2500 | Cloud Point
Chinese GB-11145
Chinese SH/T0732