The Automated Stability Analyzer (ASA) enables the operator to predict with a high level of certainty the compatibility of blend components and to meet blend specifications more efficiently and economically. Maximum flocculation ratio at infinite dilution is reported to the nearest 1 unit. The Po/FRmax ratio is also reported according to SMS 2715. The ASA integrates two titration units. An operator prepares oil samples dissolved in 1-methylnaphthalene in several different ratios. Resultant specimens are then automatically temperature-controlled and dosed with cetane until flocculation is detected by the optical sensor. Test data are processed by the controlling computer to determine peptizing (available solvency) power of the oil. Complies with Shell Methods SMS 1600 and SMS 2715
The Automated Stability Analyzer consists of the analyzer, Dosimat Top Units, reaction cells, fiber optical sensors, interface card, and a computer running Windows with the software.