Chlorides are often present in crude oils and their concentration can vary greatly, depending on the origin of the crude. These chlorides, if not removed, can react to form highly corrosive hydrochloric acid in areas such as the crude tower overheads, leading to serious operational issues. Recently, there have been a few recent incidents where unexpected high levels of chlorine in a downstream process resulted in both significant economic loss and safety concerns. The need for a reliable on-line chlorine analyzer for refining process control is more important than ever for oil refining under the circumstances faced today.
The Clora ¨ On-line provides real-time chlorine concentration data with a dynamic range of 0.2 to 3,000 ppm wt%. Measurement time typically is 5 minutes; however, 15-second snapshot data is available to monitor process upsets. No titrations or extractions mean low maintenance.