The MATRIX-I is a rugged FT-NIR spectrometer designed for QA/QC analysis. The system is based on the R&D 100 award winning MATRIX-F spectrometer. The instrument comes equipped with an integrating sphere. This permits fast and easy analysis using the diffuse reflectance technique. Samples can be measured directly in their containers or poured into standard cups. This method is ideal for measuring large amounts of materials and is particularly useful for analyzing inhomogeneous samples or large particle size items such as grains or seeds.æApplications include: Grain and oil seed analysis: moisture, protein, oil, starch and fatty acid profile, Milk and dairy analysis: moisture, fat, protein and dry matter, Food and feed analysis: protein, starch, fat, moisture, fiber and ash, Fuel ethanol analysis: fermentation profiling, Tobacco analysis: leaf quality and process verifications of tobacco blends, Pharmaceutical analysis: raw material ID, blend uniformity, blend ratio, drying process monitoring, Polymer lab and online analysis: additives, melt flow index, residual monomer, density and viscosity.