Petrodist 400 A is a Processor controlled and combined crude oil distillation system for automatic operation according to ASTM D-2892 (TBP) and ASTM D-5236 (Potstill). It is a combination of the basic systems 100 S and 200 CC. The system enables to perform TBP- and Potstill – distillations of various crude samples according to ASTM-standards and is designed for laboratory use. The system is equipped with a central computer control, vaccum supply and thermostate system, data storage and evaluation station as well as a fraction collector, designed to serve for both distillation systems alternatively and provides direct automatic distillation flow rate control. The fraction/receiver changes are automatically performed according to preselected cut temperatures or in case of receiver overfilling. The fraction collector is equipped with 12 receivers. The final data and the TBP-curve in wt% and vol% are printed out after reweighing the residue. The unit requires water, nitrogen, compressed air and electricity. Dry ice or liquid nitrogen is required for cold traps.