The RAM II is the first dual channel FT-Raman module that can be coupled to the VERTEX FT-IR research spectrometer series. Utilizing the input and output port of a VERTEX 70, VERTEX 80 or the related vacuum versions VERTEX 70v und VERTERX 80v the RAM II provides the ideal FT-Raman measurement device. The intuitive, easy-to-use OPUS software controls all data collection and manipulation functions for the system and allows automated switching between FT-Raman and FT-IR measurements.
The RAM II configuration provides a broad spectral range of 3600 Ð
50 cm-1 (Stokes shift). In combination with e.g. the VERTEX 70 FT-IR spectrometer the RAM II module provides highest sensitivity and stability. The approved Nd:YAG laser source (1064 nm) for sample excitation is fully software controlled. The system can be equipped with either or both room-temperature InGaAs detector and a proprietary high-sensitivity Ge detector. High throughput optics and BrukerÕs unique liquid nitrogen cooled Germanium diode detector offers ultra-low signal detection with minimal noise assuring excellent sensitivity.