The traditional sample analysis that happens in mining and oil and gas exploration often involves a costly and time-consuming process of sending samples to offsite laboratories and waiting days for critical data. The portable desk-top-style Thermo Scientificª Nitonª FXL Field X-ray Lab provides reliable elemental analysis in the field, in real time so you can make decisions quickly. Now with the latest z-CALª calibration technology, the Niton FXL meets the challenge of light element detection, providing enhanced analyses for critical applications in oil and gas exploration.
Exploration and mining: from base metals and Au mining to mineral sands and PGE.
Industrial minerals: limestone, clay, steel slag, cement, and more.
Oil and gas exploration: exceptional performance for mud logging, plus gas and oil shale analysis.
Consumer good testing: more precise testing for Pb, Cd in toys, jewelry, packaging, and more.
RoHS compliance: analysis of populated circuit board and consumer electronics with complete confidence.
Precious metal alloys: ideal tool for refiners and distributors.
Environmental: test for RCRA metals in less than 10 ppm in soils.