The performance-leading Thermo ScientificTM NitonTM XL2 GOLDD analyzer offers premier performance and advanced electronics while maintaining the point-and-shoot simplicity that is the hallmark of all of our x-ray fluorescence (XRF) instruments. The direct benefits to you include: real-time results, light element analysis, and advanced performance in our value package. The Niton XL2 GOLDD analyzer also includes a standard integrated camera to ensure accurate positioning on the area of interest to capture and store an image for review or inclusion in reports. Standard analytical range of up to 30 elements from magnesium to uranium, sealed against moisture and dust with 100% embedded software tools, these analyzers are lightweight yet ruggedly built to withstand the harshest environments Ð in the field or on the shop floor.
Metal alloy analysis
Mining operations
Environmental screening
Test gypsum for Chinese drywall and Sulfur corrosion on copper pipes
RoHS compliance: analysis of populated circuit board and consumer electronics with complete confidence.